Creative Vision

When I looked out of the window, it was raining.  It always seemed to rain on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays come to think of it, and I remember watching the pools collecting on the grass thinking, whatever happened to summer?  Those long days and endless sunsets seemed a long way away, and the thought of getting wet again just to get to the car only made it worse.  Then the radio crackled in sympathy with a passing thunder cloud and the DJ mentioned holidays.  That, together with him playing an old recording of Mac the Knife (which he'd obviously obtained personally from outside the box office of The Beggars Opera when it had first opened) was enough.  Enough, that is, to be able to forget about the rain.

And that's what it's all about.  It's about being young and following your heart.  It's about sun, sunsets, rainbows, and not worrying about getting wet.  It's about sitting on your window sill watching the world go by, it's about love and it's all about forgetting to be old; just for a day at least.  It's about leaves, trains, today, not being afraid of saying yes, friends, friendship and all those magic promises that should last forever, but seldom do.  It's about summer rain and that fresh smell the tarmac has once it's passed.  Oh yes, and it's always about umbrellas.  In fact it's about all of these things, but more importantly, it's about fate.  That chance meeting between a boy and a girl; those special moments that change all of our lives forever; that remembering to stop and say hello instead of just walking on past.  It's about life.

And when I looked out of the window again, the rain had stopped.  The leaves on the trees glistened expectantly, whilst a small cat scuttled across the courtyard happy to leave his shelter for at least a moment or two.  And in the street, well, the passers-by went about their usual business, unaware of what hand fate had dealt them that day.  The boys still looked at the girls expectantly, whilst the girls never seemed to notice.

And me; well I returned to listening to the radio of course, safe in the knowledge that whatever happened, I still had the rest of the day to choose from - and a lot can happen in a day so they say.  After all I thought, somewhere in the world, it's Always Summer.

Steve Johnstone
Summer 2004

© Steve Johnstone - 2007